What We Offer

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Something For Everyone

Our shop has a wide range of products for every taste, from the freshest produce brought to you daily from our farmers and local markets to pre-cut veg and fruit conveniently ready for your use. If you have a sweet tooth we keep an extensive range of baked goods, there is something for everyone.

 Great produce, customer satisfaction and service are what we stand for. We sell the finest produce from different countries, brought to you daily.


A sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered. Our bakery range is extensive and there’s something to suit everyone.

Treat yourself to the delicious baked goods available at our Bakery. We offer freshly baked pies and cakes, cookies made from scratch, sweet and savory scones and cinnamon rolls, doughnuts and muffins as well as specialty cupcakes just to name a few of our delicious treats!

Hot Deli

Need a quick lunch? We also offer hot deli meals cooked fresh daily to order with various delicious options.

Well known for great tasty meals cooked fresh daily from our huge pantry. From tasty curries to tasty Portuguese peri-peri chicken there is something for everyone.

Prepared Vegetables

When you walk into our store, you’ll see a beautiful selection of fruits and vegetables. We hand-pick the freshest products so you can enjoy the best quality produce all year long.

Our produce is sourced from the best farmers and markets in town to ensure the freshest of produce is brought to you. We are well known to be a one-stop shop, offering everything under one roof, literally.

Meals of the World

Fruit and vegetable shop with the freshest produce brought to you daily from our farmers and local markets, also sell many different imported pasta, sauces, dressings, olive oils and tomato pastes with a very large range of dairy products as well.

We take pride in selling only the finest imported ingredients. We have searched far and wide to find the purest and most pure ingredients for you.